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And here's why you should: There are dozens of things you can't see when you look at a violin (or viola or cello) that affect the sound, the playing, and the durability of the instrument.

Consider what you may buy unintentionally;

  • Sound post too tight = split top later.
  • Poorly located or fitted bass bar - bad sound problems.
  • Inaccurate measurements -- unplayable.
  • Badly fitted shoulder of neck - may fall apart.
  • Linings not mortised into corner blocks may loosen and buzz.
  • Pegs sticky and hard to tune.
  • Inadequate gluing anywhere may come loose.

The following are just a few causes of bad sound:

  • Ill graduated thick nesses.
  • Poor modeling (arching)
  • Wrong string angle over bridge.
  • Improper bridge height and cutting.
  • Wrong rib thick nesses.
  • Wrong string length below bridge.
  • Wrong tailpiece length.
  • Cheap strings.

Here's what you get from Satori:

Careful attention to the above details and more, with proper adjustment of the instrument. This assures you of usefulness and satisfaction. We pursue the idea that it is better to not have problems than to fix them. The instruments we sell represent great value and dependability for the price, and our happy and satisfied customers verify this.

Following are some interesting observations:

The tone of stringed instruments improves with use and age, also the responsiveness and playability, and so will yours. A good instrument gets better, but the poor one never gets really fine. Yours will thrive on regular and vigorous use. Play it commandingly, and the result will please you accordingly.

To save yourself money and trouble, be sure to read and copy our section on the Care of the Violin . An awful number of instruments are subjected to extensive repairs from their owners failure to attend to them. The expense is bad enough, but the damage done is worse. NEVER LEAVE ONE IN A HOT CAR TRUNK -- THE TOP WILL SPLITS

Please feel free to call if you have questions. We are dedicated to the musical community: teaching stringed instruments, and supplying the needs of teachers, students, professionals. and schools. We will be here with help when you need it.

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Christie Lam VN 501 7/8 size violin
Christie Lam VN 505 3/4 size violin
Christie Lam VN 601 4/4 size violin
Two Christie Lam VN 601 4/4 size violins
Christie Lam VN 601 4/4 size violin


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