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Model: VC101 "Etude" Cello Outfit

The handsome Satori Etude is a cello to make any young musician proud. This high quality instrument will encourage students to excel, so it's not just for the rental program! Patterned after the famous Stradivari school of cello making, Responsive and open sound the "Etude" projects beautifully and is easy to play for even the youngest musicians. The Satori Etude cello features a light weight and highly resonant body hand carved from high quality straight grained spruce and lightly flamed maple. Careful attention to the thickness of the wood face and back produces a full, rich tone associated with instruments costing much more. Ebony fittings and the outfits includes a CB 100 rosewood bow and a padded nylon soft case. Like others it will improve with use. Size available 1/8 - 4/4.

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